1. Will there be a lid for my HuskeeCup?
We are currently designing and developing a universal lid for all sizes of HuskeeCup. Whilst this won't be on offer during our Kickstarter, we're working at making it available around the same time that your cups are shipped. This will make HuskeeCup an even more sustainable solution, allowing you to take it on the run or to your local cafe!

2. What is coffee husk?

Coffee husk is a discarded waste product that is generated at the milling stage of coffee production. Typically, at the end of each harvest, coffee farmers are left with tonnes of husk & with no sustainable way of dealing with it! HuskeeCup is the first solution of its kind to address this issue. 

3. Is HuskeeCup reusable?
Yes! HuskeeCup is designed to last for years (even in a cafe environment). It's recyclable, durable & it doesn't chip or crack easily.

4. Is HuskeeCup dishwasher friendly?
HuskeeCup is dishwasher friendly. Plus, we've made grooves in the base of HuskeeCup that function as channels for liquid to drain instantly after a dishwashing cycle.

5. Does HuskeeCup come in different sizes?
We've designed HuskeeCup with a full range of cafe-ready sizes. The sizes available through our Kickstarter campaign will be the 6oz (180ml), 8oz (240ml) & 12oz (360ml) HuskeeCups, with a universal saucer that fits them all. After we go to full production, we will also be releasing the 4oz (120ml) & 10oz (300ml) cups!

6. Is HuskeeCup hot to hold?
No. In case you haven't already noticed the cup's fins, these function as a heat sink that increases thermal retention (keeping your coffee hotter for longer) whilst protecting your hands from the heat of the drink!

7. When do you go live on Kickstarter?
We launch on Kickstarter in June. To be updated when we go live, be sure to sign up with your email below. By buying HuskeeCup through our Kickstarter campaign you'll not only get to enjoy the product, you'll also be investing into sustainable coffee production!

8. Does HuskeeCup affect flavour?
No. Drinking from HuskeeCup has no effect on the flavour or taste of your beverage.